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Kukkiwon events in USA
Here in America, the federal and state government are trying to regulate martial arts instructors  by having  certified through a recognizable organization. It is a great opportunity for you to be able to certify through a world renown organization, like the Kukkiwon.
Kukkiwon Certified Master Instructor Course

1. Program Details
1) Graduation Course (License)
    - Classification shall follow by Kukkiwon's rules and regulation. 
2) Completion Course (Non-license)
     - Holder of the Kukkiwon 2nd or 3rd Dan
        (Before birth on January 1, 1993)  
        or Non Kukkiwon certificate holder,
        who is operating Taekwondo school.
※ Those who finish the completion course shall qualify for the Instructor’s Certificate after promoting the Kukkiwon 4th Dan.
3) Reviewing Course
     - Those who hold the (1, 2, 3) class Instructor’s Certificate take the course again.
2. Course Information
■ The Time of education: at least 40 hours
■ Curriculum: Taekwondo theories, Poomsae, Gyeorugi (sparring), self-defense, special lectures etc. 

3. Fee $200
Inf. & Form
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The home of the World Taekwondo and heart of Taekwondo would like to build a global network through the spirit of
the Kukkiwon Cup.

It is the Taekwondo Championship to challenge, have fun and build a friendship. 
2017 Kukkiwon Cup Tae Kwon Do Championship 
- West Coast Kukkiwon Cup June 2-3, 2017
Oceanside Pier Amphitheater,

Oceanside, CA 

More information
USA Taekwondo Center 
4760 Oceanside Blvd. # B-4
Oceanside, CA 92056

Kukkiwon Cup East Coast

- East Coast Kukkiwon Cup, November 3-4, 2017
JH Rose Gym, Greenville, NC

More Information
120 East Fire Tower Rd.
Winterville, NC 28590
The Kukkiwon is seeking outstanding Master Instructors who can serve as Taekwondo "Poom" and "Dan" black belt candidates promotion examiner. If you are willing to serve as a black belt promotion examiner for the Kukkiwon, this is right for you.  
Poom/Dan Certified Examiner Course 
 1) Black Belt Examiner License Course
      - 1st class: Holder of the Kukkiwon 8th Dan and              2nd class Instructor’s Certificate or holder of the          Kukkiwon 9th Dan and Instructor’s Certificate                (before the issuance of 1999)

      - 2nd class: Holding at least the Kukkiwon 6th Dan         and 3rd class Instructor’s Certificate
      - 3rd class: Holding at least the Kukkiwon 4th Dan         (Prior to birth of January 1, 1996)

  2) Completion Course (Non-license)
      - Non-Kukkiwon certificate 4th Dan & Higher                   holder, who operating Taekwondo school.
     * Those who finish the completion course shall be         qualified with the special promotion                               examination.
3. Course Information
     - Education time requirement:  at least 40 hours
     - Seminar Curriculum: Taekwondo theories,                  Practical Taekwondo, Gyeorugi, Poomsae and etc.

​4. Fee $350
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Over the years, many great instructors and masters like you missed the opportunity to promote your black belt dan grade through the Kukkiwon. So the Kukkiwon decided to host a special higher black belt dan certification examination. The purpose of this examination is to promote the spirit of Taekwondo through a special examination, recognizing outstanding instructors like you.
Kukkiwon’s Special Promotional Examination
1. Instructor/individuals who presently hold KUKKIWON Dan certificate: To the person who holds the Kukkiwon certificate but did not get an opportunity to promote for many years, it is time for you to make up for the years you have missed. Please follow the guideline below

2. Instructor/ Individuals who presently hold non-KUKKIWON Dan certificate (National/Kwan/ private): To the person who does not have the KUKKIWON certificate but another Taekwondo organization’s Dan certificate, you may apply to test for the equivalent rank of the non-KUKKIWON Dan certificate (5th Dan and lower). However, you must be operating a Taekwondo school of your own.
Dan Exam Inf